What is protein?

What is protein?

Proteins are made up of amino acids and are essential components for our organism. They’re responsible for developing and maintaining bone and muscle tissue and skin cells... 

In total, they account for around 18% of our weight. We mainly find these proteins in muscle tissue.

They help maintain and grow our muscles.

Unlike lipids and carbohydrates, proteins can’t be stored, and some amino acids are called essential because they can’t be produced by our organism. To meet our body’s needs, regular intake is therefore necessary.

How much protein should we consume a day ?

  • From 0.8 g per kg per day: the quantity necessary to maintain the muscle mass for a sedentary person  
  • From 1.1 g to 1.3 g per kg per day: the quantity necessary to maintain the muscle mass for a person with light physical activity
  • From 1.3 g to 1.5 g per kg per day: the quantity necessary to develop the muscle mass of a person with intense physical activity

These figures change according to the frequency of the sports activity, sex, height and age.

Where can we find protein?

Proteins are provided by our diet. We mainly find them in:

Meat and fish (beef, chicken, salmon, etc.)

Dairy produce (cheese, milk, yoghurt, etc.)


Protein crops (peas, chickpeas, green beans, etc.)

Nuts (almonds, peanuts, etc.)

To supplement this protein intake more effectively, you can also add products such as our Whey protein (90% made from milk protein) to your diet as well as protein snacks.

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