Quality and Transparency

Our researchers and experts constantly seek quality for our future sports nutrition products or to improve those that already exist. From choosing suppliers to creating recipes, nothing is overlooked for you, your health and your objectives. In addition to the proven quality, we assure you that all our products are anti-doping guaranteed. Also, our ‘Sport Protect’ certified wheys prove that we are regularly inspected by a competent and independent body.

Combining our French know-how with quality European raw materials enables us to offer products with good value for money.

A commitment, for you.

The SPORT Protect anti-doping labelling programme is based on the manufacturer’s commitment in standardised quality approach. It’s based on eight major aspects broken down into two phases that adjust to form a continuous cycle:

Eligibility phase:

—Preparation for the eligibility audit: review and analysis of the technical elements, presentation and assessment of the requirements of means and result to achieve.

—Performance of this audit via an in-depth examination of the production processes:

—Assessment of the means to control hygiene and cross-contamination risks, measurement of the level of traceability.

—Verification of the product’s compliance in light of global anti-doping legislation and the current regulations: study of the raw materials and ingredients used, compliance of the labelling.

Labelling monitoring phase:

—Systematic secure storage of a control sample for each batch placed on the market.

—Anti-doping analysis according to a follow-up plan.

—Verification of the total traceability of the labelled products placed on the market.

—Commitment of the labelled brand.

—Follow-up and annual assessment of the products’ compliance with the SPORT Protect framework.

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